Axolotl guide for Minecraft

Axolotl is one of the most adorable mobs in Minecraft 1.18. This update made some major changes to the sandbox game. This update introduced new world generation, mobs and biomes.

In the Caves and Cliffs update's first part, Axolotls and Goats were added. These friendly, passive mobs are a wonderful addition to the game. These mobs were only available in Minecraft 1.18. These mobs can be tamed and bred by players.

How do you manage them?

These cute mobs can be found in small water puddles after players have explored the caves. These mobs are not pets and can be tamed. Players can gain their trust by taming them.

In Minecraft 1.18, the easiest way to tame an Axolotl is to give them a bucket with tropical fish. You can find tropical fish in warm oceans, particularly near coral reef areas. They will trust you and become more trustworthy after being fed. However, they won't be able to take care of themselves as pets.

You can also take them with a water bucket. Axolotls can also be kept in water buckets.

How do you breed Axolotls

Once players have tamed these adorable mobs, they can breed them to produce their offspring. They are smaller and more adorable than the adult versions. Players will need to have two buckets of tropical fish, and then feed them to two different mobs. They will then enter love mode, and they will spawn a child.

Players can create an army of Axolotls, which can be used to fight all types of hostile aquatic mobs such as guardians and drowned. Once they have been tamed, players can use their help to heal and fight them.