Full Minecraft guide

January 6, 2023

Full Minecraft guide

Minecraft guides provide information on everything that is important to players so they can thrive in their blocksy biomes. Minecraft is now a standard in gaming, regardless of whether you're playing in survival mode or creative mode. It allows players to create cuboid lives for themselves and fight back Creepers, or build grandiose castles. Over a decade later, there are still regular updates to Minecraft, giving players the opportunity to learn new things and have more fun.

There are many ways to do these things and many tricks to make Minecraft more fun. Our Minecraft guide has everything you need to know about Minecraft.

Play for free

There are many versions of Minecraft available for almost every platform, and you can even play Minecraft in your browser for free. Although it's a basic version without many of the features, it's great for those who are on a budget or just need a quick distraction.

Commands and Cheats

You can take full control of your world by using Minecraft commands and cheats. We have all the codes that you need to teleport, set the weather and time, spawn entities and other functions.

The best servers

You can experience new adventures in blocks by visiting the best Minecraft servers. These servers can take you to worlds inspired Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon and Game of Thrones.


Minecraft Realms allows you to create and play with your own private multiplayer server that can host up to 10 players. Realms Plus subscribers get regular content updates with new maps, character skins, mini-games, and other goodies.

Best seeds

The layout of your world is determined by the seeds. Different environments can drastically alter your gameplay experience. We have gathered the best Minecraft seeds to help you explore a huge mansion, survive a shipwreck, and many other adventures.

The best mods

Installing the best Minecraft mods can allow you to modify the game's gameplay for a unique experience. You can add new biomes, wild animals, or even send you into space.

Shaders that work best

Installing the best Minecraft shaders can make your game look amazing. You can make your water shiner, add light rays, flares, shadows, and transform your worlds into visual masterpieces that will delight the eyes.

Best skins

Each player will be familiarized with Steve and Alex, which are the default skins for the game. However, you may want to add new characters. You can transform into a mighty Thanos, Jedi fighter Yoda, or even Homer Simpson with the best Minecraft skins - d'oh!

Best texture packs

Are you bored with the way standard blocks and objects look? Install the best Minecraft texture packs to add flowing grass, rippling waters, and even photorealistic trees.


If you are interested in diving down into the underworld we have details about how the Minecraft Nether update has changed the way things work. We can also help you get Minecraft Netherite, how to make it, and how to create a complete set of Minecraft Netherite armor.


Minecraft enchanting will give your items and weapons a boost. This guide will show how to build an Enchanting Table and configure it to achieve the highest level possible of enchantment.

Build the most beautiful house

A great Minecraft house can provide you with a safe haven from all creatures and a place for all your treasure and gear. You can also show off your creativity by making your home as beautiful as you want.

Tame a Fox

If you have spotted one of these nocturnal creatures, you might be curious how to make it your furry friend in Minecraft.