Minecraft valentine

George "GeorgeNotFound", a Minecraft streamer, recently announced the launch of his latest merchandise collection via Twitter. The clothing collection is inspired by Valentine's Day and is suitable for the now ending winter season. It is also appropriate, since Valentine's Week is trending.

GeorgeNotFound is a well-known name among Minecraft players over the years. With the help of his Twitch streams and YouTube videos, he has built a solid reputation in the Minecraft community.

George is well-known for his collaborations and content creations with mainstream streamers and content creators like Clay "Dream," Nick ("Sapnap"), Darryl "BadBoyHalo", Alex "Quackity," Tom ("TommyInnit") and many others.

"I hope you like it! "I hope you like it!": Minecraft streamer GoergeNotFound launches Valentine's Day merchandise

George addressed his Twitter audience with enthusiasm and cheer, telling them that his merch had just dropped.

The merchandise included a Valentine clothing line and the return of a fan-favorite item from his previous collection, 404 GeorgeNotFound glasses. These goggles are a mark of George's appearance in media, as well as his portrayal in Minecraft characters.

Five other items are included in the collection, except for the George 404 Goggles. There are two hoodies available. The pink hoodie has the "GeorgeNotFound” logo and is completely pink. Another hoodie has white and pink hearts and has hearts all over.

The collection also includes two sets of beanies, each in three colors and with the "GNF Heart" symbol. The first set includes pom beansies while the second is made up of cuffed beansies.

The "George Surprised Face" mousepad is the last item on the list. It features a photo of George, who is seen wearing headphones and exclaiming on his face. You can find all items in the online shop of the content creator, located here.

Reactions from Valentine's Day merchandise fans

George's fans shared their excitement about the merchandise on Twitter, while others uploaded screen shots of the checkout screens to show the products they purchased from the store.

One Twitter user posted a tweet showing George checking out his merch. The caption and their reaction speak volumes about the emotions they had when they purchased the GNF Hoodie.

One user hoped George would come out to reveal the merchandise line.

Another fan said that the merchandise would be too costly to buy in their country.

GeorgeNotFound is a popular and beloved figure in the Minecraft community on social media. He is one of the most sought-after Minecraft content creators with over 10 million YouTube subscribers and more than 4 million Twitch followers. He is also a member of Dream SMP, a popular streamer server.