Uses for gold in Minecraft

Even though gold is not as valuable as other metals and ores in Minecraft, it still has many beneficial uses. It plays an integral part in players' experience in some way.

Although gold is more difficult than iron in Minecraft, it offers many benefits. Although more susceptible to breaking, golden gear and tools can harvest faster and have higher enchanting abilities than other options.

To increase the player's appetite and saturation, golden nuggets can be used on foods such as carrots and apples. Gold's utility makes it a key metal in Minecraft.

Minecraft: One of the most important uses for gold

For speedrunners or players trying to beat the ender dragon, the Nether is the most important place to use gold in Minecraft. The burning dimension is home to mobs called piglins. Although they can be hostile, equipping them with a golden gear will render them passive to the player.

Players can also drop gold ingots to piglins. They will inspect the ingots and then drop items. This is an essential component of speedrunning Minecraft. Piglins may occasionally drop 'Ender Pearls. These items are required to make the Eye of Ender, which allows players to enter the End dimension to battle the Ender dragon.

Although Endermen can technically get ender pearls by killing them, piglins may be able to offer more ender pearls through bartering. Many people turn to piglins for quick access to the End, as it is difficult to farm Endermen and kill them in the early game.

Bartering with piglins can require a lot of gold before you get the ender pearls. Many players trade with multiple piglins simultaneously or farm gold in order to trade with piglins.

Ender pearls are a rare item that piglins drop at 2.2%. This means it will take many trades to acquire ender pearls and less to reach the endgame.

Players who are short of gold in the Nether can seek out Nether gold ore to quickly find additional nuggets and ingots. Players should avoid mining gold with piglins. They will attack you for it.

This applies regardless of whether a player is wearing gold gear or under the invisibility effects. You can also search for zombie piglins to kill them, which will sometimes cause gold to drop. This won't affect the living piglins.